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People of Spanish-speaking origin with limited English proficiency is an increasing demographic in many U.S. This group faces language and cultural barriers that affect access to quality healthcare and patient safety. The best way to reduce these barriers is to promote direct bilingual interaction between healthcare professionals and their patients. My research supports this goal through the development and implementation of a Virtual Patient Based Learning Model (VPBLM) as a platform to promote second language learning in a complex Spanish for Healthcare Professionals program. The VPBLM features voice-recognition and virtual patient technical innovations along with student-centered learning strategies derived from the theoretical framework of engagement theory and the motivation-based design principles of Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction (ARCS) model. The results of my research after implementation of design-based research methodology show that the VPBLM offered value and motivation to students learning Spanish and cultural competency with implications for application across broader educational contexts.

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The easiest way to learn Spanish is to get enrolled in a school or course which offers Spanish learning. Joining a school or Spanish learning course has its advantages as students will be able to learn correct grammar and the right pronunciation. Within the next twelve years, it is believed that Spanish will be the number one spoken language in America and this is the reason as to why many Americans feel the need to learn the language. Pronouncing words in Spanish may be a little difficult for English speaking people, but with a little practice, the learning process can be made a lot easy. An essential part of learning Spanish is correct sentence building, vocabulary and grammar.

A simple way to learn Spanish is to chat with Spanish speaking people or stay for some time in a country where majority people speak the language. Many people prefer to spend their holiday in a speaking country and there they get to learn simple phrases and pronunciation naturally. People who spend a lot of time surfing the internet can find some good online course related to Spanish. People can also make online friends with those who belong to a Spanish speaking country and learn a little bit about the language from them. These days there are numerous schools which offer certificate courses in learning foreign languages including Spanish. Moreover, there are many cultural exchange programs which countries offer and if an individual is truly interested, then he can find out if he can participate in that kind of program. Such programs allow students to interact with Spanish speaking people and they can also learn a lot about their culture.

Technological advances, growing internationalism and continuing immigration of Hispanic peoples to the U.S. Canada have made learning Spanish as a second language ever more popular recently. If you are learning or have tried to learn Spanish, you know that at some point in time you hit flat spaces where your learning program slows down and your enthusiasm starts to wane. Don't let yourself get bogged down! Language learning can be and should be fun and exciting. This article explores some of the methods to liven up your language learning process, make it fun, exciting and easier. 1. Watch multilingual DVD's. Find DVD movies, short educational films, whatever interests you, that have both subtitles and voice-over sound tracks in both English and Spanish.

See for yourself the truth in the old adage, "You cannot translate directly (word for word) from one language to another, but you can express the same ideas and information." Get the "feel" and rhythm of spoken Spanish. 2. Get a personal trainer. Find an educated native Spanish speaker to tutor you. An excellent source is foreign students from Latin America who are studying in the U.S. You already know that they are educated, and as students they probably won't be as expensive as professional tutors. Put up a "Spanish Tutor wanted" notice on the bulletin board at your nearest University.

Note: Education level is important. Spanish speakers who haven't graduated from "Colegio" (high school) may teach you bad habits and pronunciation. 3. Read bilingual books, magazines. There are many good books and magazines published in bilingual format; one page in Spanish, facing page in English. This is another excellent way to get into how things are said properly, in Spanish, as contrasted to English. And you can do this while reading interesting stories and articles. 4. Spend some time in a Spanish-speaking country. Even if it's only a long weekend in Mexico, go somewhere where speaking Spanish is a necessity, not an option.

This is one of the very best ways to not only learn but get motivated. If you cannot travel to a Spanish-speaking country, try making friends with Spanish-speaking people who live near you. Putting yourself in face-to-face situations that require you to use your Spanish, for real, make studying and learning Spanish come to life for you. In summary, there are many ways to spice up your Spanish learning and make it more interesting, easier and fun! Whether you watch movies on multilingual DVD's, get a tutor, read bilingual books or spend time in Spanish-speaking countries or with Spanish-speaking people, is not really important. Pick one or more methods that appeal to you and just stick with them. Make Spanish part of your life, enjoy yourself and keep on learning and improving.

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